2 Gripes

Gripe 1:

Sport bikers.

Specifically the one who split lanes this morning on hwy70. Seriously? Trucks and semis, cars of every different kind, other bikers, and everyone doing roughly 65mph. All obeying road rules. This guy zipped though splitting the lane going who knows how fast. He was a blur. (I say “he” in a generic sense, as I have no clue what gender he was) I was going 63mph, so I can only imagine how fast he was going. If you don’t know what splitting lanes is, it means you ride the centerline inbetween vehicles. It’s not expressly illegal in New Mexico, so in that sense he wasn’t breaking the law, but he was going excessively fast. I never even saw him until he was already past me. ZIP! I was about to signal and change lanes to get around a cement truck who was going a bit slower ahead of me, and had I done so, the sport biker surely would have become a permanent part of my Jeep’s rear end. There was another vehicle to my left, so I had to slow down just a bit as he was going a few mph faster. I would have slipped in right behind him and we would have passed the cement truck one right after the other. I didn’t get the chance, though. Before the vehicle on my left had gotten ahead of me, and I mean by only seconds, this sport biker zipped inbetween us going warp 9.

I have one thing to say to you. If you want to risk your own life, that’s one thing. But riding like that puts everyone else on the road in danger. And it gives law abiding bikers a bad name. Oh, but it’s okay. You were wearing a helmet… I think. You’re an idiot.

Gripe 2:

Road construction in Las Cruces

What a colossal waste of money. Let’s start with the intersection of Main St. and Solano. They’re not doing much different. It will be basically the same intersection we’ve known for decades. If you go through there right now you can see the new concrete curbs going in, and they’re in roughly the same places they were before. What a waste  of money, time, effort, and heated tempers at the congested traffic. The point is, the intersection was fine the way it was.

Now, how about that downtown traffic reversal? Church and Water have been one way for most of my life. I’ve NEVER had any problem with them. They work. What’s a major pain is that stupid roundabout at the north end of the downtown mall. What idiot came up with that? And while we’re at it, what idiot decided for arbitrary reasons to make Church and Water two-way after so long? There’s no practical reason for it, except to waste more money and piss people off with yet more traffic congestion. If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.

On my street right now there is work to replace the ancient underground utilities. THAT is a great idea. But this other stuff? Seriously? How about this: Instead of coming up with new ways to throw away money, give us all a break in utilities or at the very least do some ACTUAL paving, not this ridiculous practice where they tear up the street and then soak in oil, and then pour gravel on it. How many windshields is the City going to pay for?

City administrators need to stop being stupid. That’d be great.


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