2 Gripes

Gripe 1: Sport bikers. Specifically the one who split lanes this morning on hwy70. Seriously? Trucks and semis, cars of every different kind, other bikers, and everyone doing roughly 65mph. All obeying road rules. This guy zipped though splitting the lane going who knows how fast. He was a blur. (I say “he” in a generic … More 2 Gripes


So, today, June 6, is an important day in history. We know it as “D-Day.” 73 years ago today the Allies invaded Normandy.  It was the largest seaborne invasion in history. More than 160,000 soldiers landed on that bloody beach to fight the Nazis. As many as 12,000 Allies and 9,000 Germans were killed. Can you imagine … More D-Day


Jealousy. There’s another emotion I don’t understand. I mean, sure if you’re in a relationship and your other half spends more time with someone else than you, okay. I can see that. But the kind of jealously I’m talking about is the kind where people attack you for petty reasons that make no sense. I … More Jealousy